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Lead to Learn's focus is on promoting Metacognitive School Environments by supporting educators in becoming highly effective in their practice to encourage high-level thinking and learning in students. Lead To Learn is not a program and does not require the purchase of any additional materials. We support administrators and coaches is in becoming instructional leaders who can identify and promote highly effective practice that results in increased student achievement. Students in Metacognitive School Environments become critical decision-makers, who can access more complex and rigorous thinking as they encounter new information.

Lead To Learn approaches student and professional learning from the perspective of what research tells us about how people process information. Our focus for teachers is in becoming instructional decision-makers who continually promote independent critical thinking in students.

Lead to Learn's approach to creating Metacognitive Classrooms and Metacognitive Professional Learning centers on three areas:

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Lead To Learn has four fundamental beliefs that promote Metacognitive School Environments:

Lead To Learn’s ultimate goal is to help build Metacognitive School Environments where student learning and professional learning focus on rigorous high-level thinking.


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